Smart Post Layout for Elementor

Smart Post Layout for Elementor – Elevate your WordPress site with this powerful plugin designed specifically for Elementor users. Drawing inspiration from our acclaimed shortcode version, “Smart Post Layout for WordPress,” this Elementor-exclusive plugin brings the same sophistication and versatility to your page designs, enabling you to showcase your blog posts in an elegant manner. With its initial release, users can enjoy two stunning layouts (Carousel and Grid) across five distinct themes, seamlessly integrating with Elementor to create beautiful blog sections without any need for coding.



This plugin is optimized for peak performance, ensuring swift load times and a smooth experience both for creators and visitors. It’s designed to increase your post views dramatically and improve conversion rates by making your content more accessible and attractive.

Key Features:

  • Two Innovative Layout Options: Choose between Carousel and Grid layouts to display your posts in a style that best suits your site’s aesthetics.
  • Five Unique Grid Styles: Customize your posts’ appearance with five different grid styles, allowing for a personalized touch.
  • Elementor Compatibility: Designed specifically for Elementor, enabling you to leverage its powerful features for post-customization.
  • Comprehensive Element Visibility Control: Easily show or hide elements like titles, content, thumbnails, meta options, read-more buttons, and social shares.
  • Advanced Filtering for Posts: Utilize advanced filtering options to display exactly the posts you want, based on categories, tags, or custom criteria.
  • Multiple Pagination Options: Includes five pagination styles for easy navigation through your posts.
  • Three Carousel Modes: Select from Standard, Center, or Ticker modes to find the perfect movement for your carousel.
  • Customizable Carousel Settings: Adjust the column gap, direction (LTR or RTL), and transition effects to match your vision.
  • Custom CSS Capability: Further personalize your post layouts with custom CSS options.
  • RTL and Multi-Language Support: Ready for global use with RTL and multi-language capabilities.
  • Effortless Backup and Reuse: Save your settings for quick application across multiple websites, ensuring consistency and saving time.

Transform your Elementor pages with Smart Post Layout for Elementor, and create engaging, visually appealing blog sections with ease. Whether you’re aiming to showcase your latest posts, highlight specific categories, or create a dynamic content display, this plugin is the key to unlocking your site’s potential.


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